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An ecumenical consortium affiliated with the University of Toronto



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    Develop a comprehensive and critical understanding of ministry and gain expertise in the general practice of ministry with a flexible program of study. Conferred conjointly with the University of Toronto.

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    Gain a deeper knowledge of theology and further preparation for doctoral study or pastoral ministry. Most degrees are conferred conjointly by the University of Toronto.

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  • Non-degree Diplomas and Certificates

    TST member colleges offer a variety of specialized diplomas and certificates that are awarded by the individual member colleges.

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Body, Mind & Spirit Workshop: Learn Skills for your Pandemic Coping Toolkit
July 29, 2020 to September 2, 2020
Civic Holiday (Ontario) - TST Offices Closed
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New Theology Journal Edited by TST Students - Call for Submissions

The team of the Canadian Journal of Theology, Mental Health and Disability is excited to announce our first Call for Submissions. The editors are Amy Panton and Miriam Spies, doctoral students at...

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Now Available - Curbside Pickup Service for Most TST Libraries

TST member college libaries are pleased to announce that curbside pickup is now avaialble for most libraries. Complete information can be found below and by clicking here.


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Announcement of Staffing Changes at the Toronto School of Theology

Pamela Couture, Director of the Toronto School of Theology, has announced the following staffing changes:

Outgoing:  On June 30, 2020 Toronto School of Theology (TST) will say goodbye to Rev. Dr. Sarah Travis, who has served as the Interim Director of the Doctor of Ministry program. Dr. Travis has guided students...

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  • Ten of TST's degrees carry the international recognition and prestige of being conferred conjointly by the University of Toronto, consistently ranked as one of the world’s top universities.
  • TST member colleges are affiliated or federated with the University of Toronto, a world-renowned university of over 80,000 undergraduate and graduate students.
  • TST students in conjoint degree programs have privileges in the University of Toronto libraries - one of the top three academic research library systems in North America.

Accreditation and Quality Assurance

  • TST and each of its seven member colleges are members of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) of the United States and Canada and all degree programs offered at TST are fully accredited by ATS.
  • All TST programs offered conjointly with the University of Toronto are reviewed cyclically under the terms of the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP). 

Large Size and Diversity

  • TST has the largest graduate theology program in Canada.
  • Seven member colleges and over 1500 enroled students represent an impressive diversity of theological and cultural traditions.

Degree Program Variety

  • TST offers a wide variety of programs and courses including over a dozen professional and academic degree programs, with some member colleges also offering diploma programs.


  • Although TST students are part of a sizable school in a large university, you will find a smaller, more personal and welcoming community within each TST member college providing fellowship, worship, and opportunities for spiritual and academic growth.

Our Member Colleges

  • Regis College
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  • St. Augustine's Seminary
  • Wycliffe College
  • Emmanuel College
  • lanter 专业版安卓破解版
  • University of Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity
  • Toronto School of Theology
lan 灯 破解版百度云
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